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The Professional Studio Artist (PSA) program prepares individuals for careers as independent studio artists and business owners, designers, performers and studio technicians. The curriculum offers technical, design, product development and performance classes in a variety of disciplines coupled with business, marketing and management courses. Class work covering the history and traditions of each discipline, basic studio development and technology requirements will be a vital part of the student’s education. Students will complete a track of study and acquire the necessary technical proficiencies, creative problem solving, business skills, production processes and the knowledge to apply these aspects to careers in the craft, music, theater, or applied arts fields.

Thank you for considering HCTC's Professional Studio Artist Program at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music in Hyden, Kentucky. We also have diploma and certificate options in Bluegrass and Traditional music. Classes include Performance (banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, resphonic guitar, and vocal), Songwriting, Recording, and Music Business.

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Hi folks. I'm Dean Osborne. I'm the
director the Kentucky School Bluegrass

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and Traditional Music

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and if you'd like to come play music with

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like this or make your own music here in

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Kentucky. We invite you to come be a part
of our school.

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You can play the mandolin, guitar

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actually grow your hair out if you want too.

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It's all right here in Hyden, Kentucky.
Come see us at the Kentucky School of

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Bluegrass and Traditional Music.